Introducing Team Sweet Baby Jesus

Meet The Team!

Team Sweet Baby Jesus (SBJ) is a four-man cycling crew from Louisville, KY. We are best described as weekend warriors, representing the youth of today (youngest is 32) and the AARP demographic (oldest is 52). This past year we participated in numerous group rides covering distances of 55 miles up to 100 miles. Our group dynamic lends itself to speed over time and distance, so a race will be quite different for us. In fact, none of us have ever raced unless you count who was the fastest guy to Happy Hour. There is currently hot debate about pace for the GCIR. Being from KY, we don’t have many routes that are flat so we are trying to gauge that with what will surely be a gale force wind out of the east come race day. Consensus on pace hasn’t been achieved but we expect to be in the 18 mph range (the old guy is an anchor but he came up with the idea to go in the first place).

Training, at this very early stage, consists of drinking beer and talking about logistics. We need a wheelman for the van, a couple chicks that are good sports and a good DJ for the beach in Pensacola. Once we figure that out we will begin real training in January, hoping that the weather gods go easy on the snow. Assuming we can get a couple of training rides in, we should be ready to shake and bake down to NOLA on April 3 (need a night on the town y’all before we get too serious).

We look forward to meeting our fellow racers, hearing their stories of glory and sharing the fun of what should be the ride of a lifetime.

Please just stay out of our way.

Team Sweet Baby Jesus is…
Bill Shadburne-Captain (Scorpio)
James Cole-Libra
Robert Theuerkauf-Gemini
Peter Massey-Cancer
“If you ain’t first, you’re last…” Reese Bobby

Written by Bill Shadburne, Team Captain

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