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GCI Relay is committed to setting itself apart from all other cycling events. We already have several things that set us apart, but our aim is to be the best relay experience in the country! From a well-planned scenic route to plenty of fun music and local food and drink at the finish line celebration, our goal is to provide you with the best cycling relay experience possible. With a focus on service and safety, our bottom line is simple: We will provide you with a safe, enjoyable and memorable cycling adventure.

Details Please…

In this event, a typical cycling relay team consists of 6 cyclists, with each team member riding 6 legs of varying lengths and difficulty. The course is broken up into 36 legs the shortest leg on the course is about 3 miles, while the longest measures about 10.5 miles. We realize these leg distances are pretty short for cycling and encourage each cycling team to combine legs so that each cyclist rides 2-4 legs at a time. The chart in Section 2 will help you compare and contrast the various legs.

Teams collectively cover the 234-mile course by rotating through each of the 36 legs. When a cyclist completes an assigned stage (leg or combination of legs), he or she is inactive until the entire team has had a turn to ride their assigned legs.

The relay has a total 35 exchange points.  Exchanges are the set locations where one cyclist passes the wristband to the next cyclist.

The exchange points are the same for everyone and are staffed by race officials recording team numbers and times.

A Major Exchange happens at every six exchanges – Exchanges #6, #12, #18, #24, and #30. Major exchanges are where Van #1 carrying Cyclists #1-3 and Van #2 carrying Cyclists #4-6, will meet for the hand-off. If your Cycling Team has less than 6 people, you may choose to have only 1 Van.  No matter your team makeup, these are the Major Exchanges that will be supported for Cyclists.  Support will include food, hydration, first aid and bike support.  Sleeping areas will not be set up for cyclists since all Cycling Teams should finish Saturday.  More details to follow on these major exchanges.

Cycling teams can be 1-6 people. The same rotation cycle applies for all teams. Regardless of team size, all teams (including solo cyclists) must be able to average 15 MPH pace or faster for the entire course.  This includes rest stops for solo cyclists. in order to reach the cycling team finish line before it closes.

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