Running Team Rules & Safety

Please review and understand running team rules and safety information prior to racing. Safety is our number one priority!

30 Minute Penalties

  • Race Numbers/Wristband – Race bibs must be worn at all times and the Wristband must be carried/worn at all times throughout the race.
  • No Stopping on Road or in Exchange Parking Area Prior to Parking – No stopping within 500 feet of an exchange.  Parking is allowed in designated areas only. Please try to park as far off the road as possible.
  • Vehicles Following Participants – No vehicles will be allowed to follow behind participants day or night.
  • Conduct on Race Course – Do not obstruct traffic or play loud music, yell, or honk horns at night in rural/neighborhood areas. Also, no van decorations that are overtly suggestive, sexual, or that contain foul language.

60 Minute Penalties

  • Race Officials – Course volunteers, O.D.O.T., and traffic safety officials at exchanges are considered Race Officials. They have authority to disqualify a running team for rule violations, abusive behavior, or team failure to follow instructions given by volunteers.
  • Runners Travel on the Left – Running participants are to travel along the left shoulder of the roadway at all times, unless officially instructed otherwise. They must carry a working flashlight (or Hat with Headlight) and wear a reflective vest from 6:00pm through 7:00 am.
  • Display of Team Vehicle Signs – Official vehicle signs will be issued to each team vehicle and must be displayed at all times.


  • Running participant safety gear- From 6:00pm through 7:00am – all runners must:
    • Wear a reflective vest
    • Carry a flashlight or Hat Headlight
    • Wear one back LED flasher
    • Each team must present four reflective vests, four flashlights (or Hat Headlights) and four LED flashers for inspection at the Start Check-In Tent. Teams are then issued the official race wristband.
  • Three Volunteers per Team – Each team is responsible for ensuring all of their volunteers show up at the appointed time, to their assigned job and fulfill the tasks required. If a volunteer cannot report to duty, it is up to the Team Captain to find an alternate volunteer and make sure they report to the appointed job site.
  • Save the Party for the Beach! – No open containers, drinking, inebriated participants or volunteers on the course.
  • Scoring Sheet – Teams must provide a completed Scoring Sheet at the finish of the relay.
  • Grossly Inaccurate 10k Times – Teams who finish over 3 hours faster than their anticipated finish time (based on 10k times submitted).
  • No Oversize Vehicles – No vehicles 80″ or wider, or longer than 20′, motor homes, buses or limos are allowed on the course by any team or team support.
  • Public Nuisance Rule – No littering or going to the bathroom on private property. Please use good judgment and be considerate of property owners along the course. Portable toilets and ample garbage containers are provided at each exchange point.
  • No Bicycles for running teams – No bicycles are allowed to accompany running participants on the race course.  Running team members found biking the course will be disqualified.
  • No Dogs – No dogs are allowed to accompany participants on the race course.

Running Team Safety

Safety is our number one priority. Please remember that the route is run on open roads. Although every effort will be made to ensure non-event drivers know runners are on the road, relay participants need to exercise every precaution. Curves and hills are especially dangerous spots. Be alert to headlights indicating an oncoming vehicle. Run defensively; be prepared to move off the road if it becomes necessary.

Supportive bike riders and pacing runners are not permitted on the course. Adding more traffic to the course just makes for more risk. Communities are aware and supportive of the relay, so you can expect to see road signs announcing “Runners Ahead” and police vehicles at key spots.

Course Closure

The Race Course and Finish Area will close Saturday night at 11:00 pm.  Any running teams still on the course at that time will be requested by Race Officials to discontinue the race. All teams are seeded to finish before the course officially closes, provided your team has supplied honest race pace times.

Police Support

No traffic or police monitors are promised to protect runners and walkers from vehicular traffic along the course. Great care must be exercised at all times by participants and team vehicles.

Running participants must travel along the left road shoulder or sidewalk (unless otherwise stated), and obey all traffic laws and signals.

First Aid

All teams are required to carry their own first aid kit in their van.  At minimum, we recommend basic kit for minor blisters, insect bites or scrapes.


In the event of any medical emergency, call 9-1-1 immediately. Cell phone service is limited in some course areas, so please note that all exchange points will be in constant contact with race officials. Please make race officials aware of any issues on the course. In addition, drivers and team captains are expected to be aware of the location of hospitals and other medical facilities along the route.

Ultra Teams

Ultra teams consist of six runners with each runner covering double the distance. Ultra teams function just like regular teams of 12, except they will run twice as many legs and will hand off twice as often. They must also keep within the per-mile pace based on their captain’s submitted estimates. Ultra teams are welcome to use two support vans, but may decide that one van is preferred. In either event, the teams are cautioned to plan accordingly in terms of drivers, food and drink.

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